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The O-shot can help women suffering from:

What is the O-shot?

The O-shot is an innovative, nonsurgical procedure performed by the physician in the comfort of our office. The entire process takes approximately 30-40 minutes. There is minimal discomfort, no post-treatment restrictions, and no down-time.

After a thorough discussion about the procedure and what to expect, a small amount of blood is drawn from the arm. The blood is then placed in a machine that isolates the platelet rich plasma (PRP). The platelets are then activated with calcium, releasing a cascade of growth factors. Potent numbing cream is applied to the vaginal area where injections are to be placed. The doctor then uses a small needle to gently place the PRP into the appropriate sites. Your body does the rest! The platelet derived growth factors attract stem cells which stimulate healing to revitalize the tissue.

How can women benefit from the O-shot?

  • Increased clitoral sensitivity
  • Ability to have orgasm
  • Stronger orgasm
  • More vaginal lubrication
  • Improved bladder control
  • Comfortable, better sex
  • Fewer lichen sclerosus symptoms*

MonaLisa Touch-O

The MonaLisa Touch is a laser procedure for vaginal rejuvenation. The entire vaginal area can be treated. The MonaLisa Touch can be performed immediately prior to the O-Shot. The two complement each other by working through different mechanisms to revitalize the tissue. Ask about the MonaLisa Touch-O package to further enhance results and magnify your response to the O-Shot!

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*Regarding lichen sclerosus, the PRP rejuvenation method has shown to be helpful.  In reviewing biopsies of women before and after treatment with PRP, dermatopathologists determined that most women showed improvement in inflammation after treatment.  These women also reported significant improvement in symptoms.  Read the research paper here

Read about additional supporting research for the O Shot® procedure in treating lichen sclerosus