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Revive Your Gynecological Health

Post-menopausal changes can affect your quality of life in unexpected ways. Hormone replacement therapy may not be the best option for you, and treatment outcomes can be uncertain.

When estrogen levels decline after menopause, many changes occur. Many women experience vaginal dryness, itching, burning, or painful intercourse as a consequence of these changes.

Gainesville OBGYN in Gainesville, TX, offers the MonaLisa Touch procedure, a unique treatment that uses delivers laser energy to the vaginal tissue, resulting in restored vaginal health. Patients report improvements with incontinence, burning, dryness, itching, overactive bladder, painful intercourse, and urinary function. There has also been some success treating lichen sclerosis with the MonaLisa.

This procedure is a virtually painless, in office-treatment performed without requiring anesthesia, is minimally-invasive, quick (it takes less than fifteen minutes), resulting in virtually no down time, and is able to yield results after the first treatment (three treatments are recommended).

You don't need to accept post-menopausal vaginal changes as an inevitable part of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MonaLisa Therapy?
MonaLisa Touch is a medical CO2 laser that delivers controlled energy to the vaginal wall through a probe inserted into the vaginal canal. The probe is rotated and withdrawn gradually while the pulses are applied to the entire length of the vagina. A two-part pulse targets surface (epithelial) tissue and deep (lamina proproia) tissue to reverse the changes induced by menopause. The penetrating laser energy stimulates a healing cascade that produces collagen, promotes blood flow, restores vaginal lubrication, and improves elasticity.

What clinical trials have been conducted on the MonaLisa Touch?
A multisite study was conducted by Dr. Mickey Karram, Director of Fellowship Program on Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery at The Christ Hospital, Cincinnati, OH, and Dr. Eric Sokol, Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Stanford University Medical Center. Preliminary findings from a trial evaluating the laser treatment on postmenopausal women and breast cancer survivors experiencing vaginal health issues show positive results. The trial assessed the use of CO2 fractional laser therapy on 30 women with vaginal health issues due to natural or induced menopause. All of the patients in the trial were treated with the MonaLisa Touch laser.

Currently there are over 35 peer-reviewed publications on the MonaLisa Touch. The data on both safety and efficacy are very substantial. A list of publications can be provided for your review if requested. To date thousands of women have been treated worldwide with this technology. The MonaLisa Toch device was cleared by the FDA for use to ablate body soft tissues in gynecology and genitourinary surgery, but not specifically FDA approved for treatment of genitourinary syndrome of menopause (vulvovaginal atrophy) or painful intercourse. Therefore, the use in this setting is considered "off-label". Medications and devices are often used beyond the original FDA approval when supported by the medical literature or clinical data. For example, many birth control pills are only FDA indicated for birth control, but used "off-label" for heavy or painful periods, acne, endometriosis, and policystic ovarian syndrome.

Does the procedure hurt?
The procedure is virtually painless and requires no anesthesia. Some patients may experience some discomfort from the probe insertion and placement, but the actual treatment is not painful. 

How long does it take?
Patients receive three treatments, spaced six weeks apart. Each treatment takes less than fifteen minutes to perform.

When will I see results?
Most patients feel improvement after the very first treatment, although the procedure calls for three treatments that are generally spaced over an 12-week period.

How long does it last?
Patients can expect to return every 12-18 months for a maintenance treatment.

What are my limitations after the procedure is done?
Patients should refrain from sexual activity for 2-3 days. If the external area is treated, refrain for 5-7 days

For which patients is this treatment appropriate?
The MonaLisa Touch is appropriate for any female who has gone through menopause, as well as those who are experiencing post-menopausal symptoms as a result of a hysterectomy or breast cancer treatments.

How much will the procedure cost?
Patients should contact their healthcare professional for additional information.

Is this procedure safe for women with breast cancer?
Yes, MonaLisa Touch treatment is particularly well suited for patients who cannot, or prefer not to receive estrogen therapy.

Will the procedures be covered by insurance?
No processing code has been established.

Quotes from a few of the patients we have done treatments on in our office

"Honestly, let's talk about it, menopause. Painful intercourse, vaginal dryness, burning, and continuous yeast infections were just some of the issues I experienced, but I never thought these symptoms would happen to me.

“When I searched for answers, sadly nothing surfaced that worked for me. Over a lunch conversation I learned of a new procedure, MonaLisa Touch, a simple procedure that was painless without side effects. Two weeks later I scheduled an appointment for the procedure. The results were close to phenomenal for me, even just after three days. I'm not sure who was happier, my husband or me. Because I know this treatment has worked for me, I want to share first-hand what a significant difference MonaLisa Touch has made in the quality of my life."

“Tell Dr. Klein to beware!!!! I may kiss her on the lips for that treatment!!!! I went from YEARS of ripping, tearing and bleeding every time my husband and I had sex to barely even needing any lube!!!" (post first treatment)

"The first treatment made such a difference that I didn't think I could get any more benefit but the second treatment was JUST as beneficial. I have always been able to have an orgasm but now I am having around five each time we have intercourse!!!" (post 2nd treatment)

"Life is AWESOME!!" (pre 3rd treatment)

"I don't have constant itching and discomfort in my vaginal area anymore and I use about half as much lube as I used to need!!!"

"OH MY GOSH!!! It is AMAZING!! I want to come up there and hug y’all. Things are almost back to the way they were 20 years ago!!” (post 2nd treatment)

“This treatment has made my life so much better! After years of dreading being intimate with my husband because of the pain and discomfort, I am now so excited again that I find myself doing the initiating more often than him! An added benefit is that this has improved my self-esteem SO MUCH that I want to look and feel better for him and myself so I have begun losing weight and taking pride in my appearance again. THANKS Dr. Klein and crew for bringing the intimacy back to our marriage!" (pre 3rd treatment)

"At 66, I wasn't ready to give up my sex life, but intercourse had become very painful. The MonaLisa Touch made an incredible difference. The painful, raw, sandpaper feeling is gone and the pleasure is back. I feel like I'm 35 again. This treatment is the "fountain of youth" for a woman's sex life."

"The Mona Lisa helped relieve some symptoms of overactive bladder. I am able to sleep more than 2 or 3 hours at night several nights a week. This is the first treatment in the 10 years I have had overactive bladder symptoms that have helped. It is worth every penny!"

"The Mona Lisa Touch treatment and Dr. Klein and her staff have changed my life. Suffering from lichen sclerosis for 6 years, this treatment gave me back my confidence and relieved the pain and discomfort that I thought would just worsen through the years. I have been able to resume a sexual relationship with my husband of 40 years and now look forward to what lies ahead for us as a couple and for me health-wise. Dr. Klein and her staff are kind and caring, have explained everything completely, and answered all my many questions. I highly recommend Dr. Klein and the Mona Lisa Touch treatment."

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